Why IPCOnline?

If you are a real estate investor, then you need IPCOnline. Around the world people leverage IPCOnline to analyze the numbers quickly for their potential investments. While some investors lose money when they buy, our customers know they are making money when they buy – that’s the real difference between a good investment and a bad investment.

Why? It’s the IPCOnline difference.

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The IPCOnline Difference

Our unique approach to analyzing and comparing potential Canadian and US-based investment properties enables you to buy better in ways not possible before. IPCOnline is not just another calculator tool. It’s the easiest and fastest way to great real estate investments.

Loved by customers for its simplicity and speed, IPCOnline makes it easy for you to try, buy, and put to use. Both you and your bank statement will start seeing positive results immediately.

Buying based on hope that the numbers will work is the #1 leading indicator for poor real estate investment performance. With IPCOnline, you get more than hope, you get the facts and

• Easy-to-use, lightening fast interface so you can invest in properties more quickly

• Accurate and robust analysis to keep you focused on buying good properties.

• Access to the key financial ratios to help you make better offers on properties and increase your overall returns


IPCOnline delivers the leading cloud-based real estate analysis software. Our agile development team innovates at a rapid pace, continuously improving the product and quickly responding to customer needs. We have a strong vision of the future and an aggressive roadmap to get us there.

Built for scale

Our proven track record of scalability and 99.9% uptime means you’ll never outgrow IPCOnline. Customers have grown from analyzing a couple of properties a month, to dozens and dozens per day, using IPCOnline the whole way.

Dedicated People

Our mission at IPCOnline is to help you make better real estate investments. Our diverse and passionate staff is dedicated to helping you along your journey.

In addition, when you choose IPCOnline you join a community of real estate investors around the world. We offer several ways to engage with our large network of customers. You can share best practices, collaborate with and learn tips investors like you.

Our Community

Interact with IPCOnline and our customers through our support forums and blog, where you will find the information and insights to guide you towards better real estate analysis! You can even follow us and keep the conversations going on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Support

No matter what your question, our dedicated team of Customer Advocates is here to help you with solutions and answers. We consistently maintain a satisfaction rating of over 95%. Send us a question and see for yourself!

Give IPCOnline a try for 30 days – free.
No risk, no commitment.