Some of IPCOnline's unique features


The IPCOnline Dashboard is your starting place to quickly perform a new analysis in 4 easy steps, to view your last 5 properties that you analyzed along with their key ratios, and to export and email the detailed PDF reports to your clients, mortgage brokers, or partners

IPCRank™ System

IPCRank™ makes it easy, to compare multiple potential investment properties. Our unique formula uses the most important financial ratios from a property analysis and is your ticket to quicker and easier decision-making.  

20 Year Analysis

IPCOnline quickly presents you with a 20-year overview of your income and expenses, cash flow, NOI, Debt Coverage Ratio, NPV, and much, much more...  

What people think of IPCOnline

“IPCOnline is an excellent tool when analyzing potential real estate deals. It provides instant data on whether a property will cover all costs and includes many fine details the average investor may have left out.
It has helped me secure over a dozen deals thanks to its quick analysis and precise numbers! IPCOnline is the best way to determine the true and accurate data on any real estate deal!”

“What I really like about IPCOnline it is that it allows me to take a property, put all the numbers in and within seconds it spits out pages and pages of detailed information needed to do a thorough analysis of multiple properties quickly. I can provide maximum value to my clients and save a ton of time. IPCOnline is a great tool, has a place in every real estate investors toolbox, and I recommend you sign-up right away.”

“Many of the wholesale properties I seek literally sell within hours, and if I don’t make moves quickly, it can cost me a lot of money. For this reason, I need an application that is not only lightening fast, but also 100% accurate. IPCOnline is the most comprehensive investment analysis tool I’ve ever come across since I began investing over 8 years ago.”

IPConline is a fantastic program that allows you to analyze investment properties like no other! Not only does it calculate monthly expenses, it also calculates long term profits using easy to follow charts and graphs. This program not only plays a huge role in my real estate business as a realtor by sending my clients detailed reports, but it’s also a tool I use in my personal business for working with my joint venture partners. I highly recommend this program for both the investor and the savvy investment realtor. Start your free trial now and don’t look back!